created: 2017-11-16, last modified: 2017-11-16

Howto use uMatrix

Basic Use

Click on the uMatrix icon.
uMatrix shows a table of domains (the rows), and features (the columns).

The color of the field in the intersection determines if that feature is activated for that domain. Green means activated, red means deactivated.

To activate a feature, click in the upper half of the field to make it green. Click the lower half to make it red (feature deactivated). Click a field twice to make it grey (use inheritance).

Usually subdomains inherit the color of the domain, but if you let uMatrix display subdomains, you can configure them individually. Hover over the field labled "all" to make a tiny arrow appear. Enable display of subdomains by clicking the arrow to make it point down. Disable display of subdomains by making the arrow point up.

If the upper left corner of a field has a different color than the rest, the color of that corner shows the permenently saved state, and the rest of the field shows the current, temporarily modified state. To save the current state permanently, click the lock icon.

Howto configure uMatrix to behave mostly like noscript

Click on the upper left

Why does the color of domain-fields change when the other scope is selected?!?

edit the rules to make them contain
* * * block
* 1st-party * inherit
* 1st-party cookie allow
* 1st-party css allow
* 1st-party image allow

How can this be achieved in the UI, without manually editing the config?

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